Dear EFDC Team,
I am conducting multiple year sediment transport runs. I would prefer to run separately (each year). i use “Running result in previous year” to run for this year. So I use write file in write restart option (Timing tab EE 7). But In the output folrder, there is only RESTART.OUT. I can not find RESTART.INP How I use that?

Hello DYAH ARI, There is a document in the EFDC Explorer website which explains how to properly use the restart.inp in the EFDC model. Please go through this link for more details. If it doesn’t solve your problem, don’t hesitate to update the thread. Best, Janesh Devkota

Thank you for your answer.
All files in the #output folder (*.out) must be selected or just restart.out. Aren’t they ?

I have solved my problem by "create a new model from current model @current time in the viewing option.