Reservoir modeling - crest elevation

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1. How to change the bottom elevation of the boundary, or may not need to be changed. example: +127 is intake bottom elevation but 130 + bottom elevation appears automatically in accordance bathymetry. for spillway crest elevation + 131 but + 129 bottom elevation appears automatically in accordance bathymetry basically the flow through the crest spillway.
2. Reservoirs in Indonesia is usually to keep the fish in cages system (karamba). it was like a cage to keep the fish were placed in water. I think it affects the flow because the karamba is placed grouped and anywhere. So how to model it ?
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Could you please rephrase your question so that we could understand what you are trying to say ?

As I understand, you intake bottom elevation in greater than you expected. Did you mean this occurred when you used the EFDC Explorer utility to interpolate the bathymetry ? If this is the case, the interpolation method in EFDC explorer should be chosen properly based on the data available. If you have denser data and have multiple data points within a grid, you can choose the option “Average All Z’s in a cell”. However, if you have sparse data, then you can use the option “Nearest neighbout interpolation”.

You can also manually change the bathymetry of particular cells by going to viewing options. Under bathymetry option, choose “edit” and right click on the cell and you will be able to change the bottom elevation.

If I didn’t address your question properly please rephrase the question and explain us in more detail.


Ok, Thanks. I understand what you means. how about the question number 2?

Time series plotting
why the model result cannot appear in the time series plotting? only observe data (*.dat file) appear in the plotting

Given that this is a lake model, in terms of hydraulics there should be little noticeable head loss caused by these objects. With low velocity there should be little drag and the karamba can safely be ignored. However, in terms of water quality they would need to be treated as a point source term and an estimate of the nutrient load will need to be made.

Ok, thanks Kester for your answer.