Report a bug in 12.0.1

In the water quality module, specifically within the sediment flux branch, under the full diagenesis model, in the diagenesis-option sub-branch, the spatial constant initial conditions for the concentration of PON, POP, and POC in classes G1, G2, and G3 are supposed to be inputted in g/m3. However, I observed that the input logic in the system appears to interpret these values as percentages, as it forces the sum of G1, G2, and G3 to equal 1. Consequently, if the sum does not equal 1, a red tag appears, and the process cannot proceed. This discrepancy represents a significant bug that requires prompt attention and resolution.

Hi @qingyan4

Are you referring to the fraction of PON/POP/POC of Algae routed to G1, G2, G3 classes, as shown in the attached figure?

It is important to note that these fractional values indicate the proportion of Algae that dies, settles and decomposes at the bed. They are not related to the spatial constant initial conditions in g/m3 that you mentioned above. The spatial constant initial conditions in g/m3 of PON, POP, and POC in classes G1, G2, and G3 depend only on the initial state of the bed. So, it is not a bug in EEMS.

Hi, I got your point, but I am talking about the line 1-9 in the picture I showed, it is in the spatially constant IC’s button, it stated clearly with (g/m3), so either the setting is wrong or the labelled unit is wrong.


Thank you for the prompt clarification. I have double-checked the red flagging as you showed and it is indeed a bug in EE12.0.1. This issue has been fixed in the upcoming release of 12.1. If you wish to received a patch version of it, please send an email to, we would be delighted to assist you further.

Thanks again for reaching out, we greatly appreciate your feedback!

Hi, may I ask when will you release 12.1, if you are releasing it soon, it will be great because the sediment diagenesis is a very important part of my study, thank you

Hi Qingyan, EEMS 12.1 is in beta release now. If you send us an email, we can provide it to you with the understanding it is not yet officially released.