Reference temperature on mineralization of dissolved organic matter

Does the parameter TRmnl (Reference temperature on mineralization of dissolved organic matter) represent the effects of temparature on the mineralization rate of dissolved organic matter? Does the parameters, KTmnl and TRmnl, are combined used for the temparature effects? Does this parameter adjust in calibration process? Thank you.

You can read details about these parameters in section “Heterotrophic Respiration and Dissolution” of “EFDC Water Quality Manual” downloadable from this website. KTmnl and TRmnl are used for the temperature effects on mineralization of dissolved phosphorus and nitrogen. Typically we wouldn’t think you would adjust these to calibration however it does depend on the temperature regime where you are modeling. An area with extreme winters (Alaska for example) might require more adjustment of these parameters as it is not a purely chemical process.

Thank you very much.