I’m trying to make a simple model to see what a rainstorm does to water levels in a wetland or lake. I’m having a really hard time getting rainfall in the model. The rainfall section of the knowledge base is empty.

I want it to rain on a portion of the model domain. Is that possible?

I tried to modify the Okeechobee model, but still can’t get it to work. I can’t enable the Precip time varying model section.

Any help is appreciated!

Dear christazweig
Sorry for the late reply,
In this case I think you can use 2 atmospheric data series (1 series has rain and 1 series has no rain)
then assign an ATM weight of 1 to rain on a portion of the model domain, and zero to the remaining region,corresponding to using the series with rain for the model domain and the series without rain for the rest.
Thank you.