RAINCVT resets automatically

I am encountering this problem now for a while.

In aser.inp file , there is a parameter named “RAINCVT” which converts rain to units of m/s but it seems like when I save my model from the EFDC_Explorer it automatically changes this value to 1.1574E-05. Sometimes we can have different rainfall data i.e in inches/hour or inches/day. But since it does automatically change the RAINCVT parameter, I think we may not get accurate results.

I don’t know whether I missed something or this is an unknown bug. Would you please have a look and give me suggestions ?

Thank you.

You are right that EE changes the RAINCVT to 1.1574e-5 when it saves. This is because when EE loads the data using whatever the original units for RAIN and RAINCVT, EE converts the RAIN to m/day then sets the RAINCVT to 1.1574e-5. So the correct rainfall rates are used. However, if the user enters the RAIN via the EE interface, the user must change the rainfall to m/day. You can do this easily using the column edit feature.

We appreciate your input. We should probably change this in the future to be clearer/easier for the user.