"Total" bed shear stress is ZERO while there are current and wave shear values

I use SWAN to simulate wave, and I watched the Youtube demonstration video: Linking SWAN with EFDC_DSI/EFDC_Explorer - YouTube use “Use wave.inp file” method, which is called “another way to link … ” in Youtube video [00:07:07].After EFDC ran, I checked the ViewPlan. What I said “strange” occurs: You can see that wave shear and current shear are not zero, while total shear is zero. So strange.Please help me.

After you sent us your model we tracked this issue down to the start time of the sediment sub-model as attached.

hello,do you figure out this problem?i have same problem and don’t know why

This was caused by the user incorrectly setting the start time of the sediment sub-model.