"Rooted Aquatic Plant Formulation – Not Included" in EFDC Manual

I want to see the mechanism used in EFDC which described the aquatic plant. However, “Not Included” is listed in the catalogue (see Figure in the attachment). Where can I find this chapter?

In EE knowledge base, I find some introduction about it. This page says that “For details on the theory behind this sub-model, please refer to “A Generic Rooted Aquatic Plant and Epiphyte Algae Sub-Model for EFDC” (Hamrick, 2006)”. However, I cannot find this article(Hamrick, 2006) on the website.

All the relevant information on implementation of RPEM sub-model in EFDC+ is now contained in the KB here:https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ETG/pages/2379631/7.3+Rooted+Aquatic+Plants+Formulation

Thanks! One more question: In the links you provided, the content is about “water quality”. Are there contents about impacts of “Rooted Aquatic Plant” to “hydrodynamic”?

At this stage we don’t have anything on the KB related to the theory, but we have guidance in how to set up vegetative resistance in EE here: https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EEREF/pages/2380191/Vegetation+Sub-tab