Questions about vertical water exchange, total phosphorus calculation

Hi all,
I have two questions about EFDC. May anyone kindly help me?

1. Is there any vertical water exchange between different water layer? If so, where can I output vertical water exchange velocity?
2. How can I calculate total phosphorus based on simulation results? Is it the sum of ROP, LOP, DOP, P4D? Do we need to consider the phosphorus in phytoplankton?

Thanks in advanced.

In answer to your first question, you can display vertical velocities using the Vertical Vel checkbox in ViewPlan as described here:

Total Phosphorus is a derived parameter in EE. The derivation is described here:±+Derived+Constituents+for+Water+Quality ’ *** 25 - Total P TP = AlgaeRatio(P:C)*(CHC + CHG + CHD) + ROP + LOP + DOP + P4D Phosphorus is required in the EFDC kinetic equations for phytoplankton.