Questions about VEGE.INP file

I am a student with an interest in EFDC.
Vegetation is a question about the vege.inp questions.

I have the original edition is being studied. Difficult to understand.

. INP file of the site to a file for example, Lake Okeechobee example model studied .

1)MVEGOW: Vegetation Class of Open Water.
Open water, I want to know what is the exact meaning of what I would like to know the meaning MVEGOW.

2)NVEGSER: Number of Vegetation Series.
For example, if the time-value of salinity is write.
However, in the case of vegetation do you have to put any value?
I want to know exactly what the meaning of Vegetation Series.
Lake Okeechobee example model file contains zero though. Why is “0”

3)UVEGSCL: Vel Scale
Velocity Scale From what I understood to be interpreted that right?

And 4)ALPVEG, BETVEG, GAMVEG, SCVEG is called a non-dimensional shape factor calculation method is wondering .

If you understand VEGE.INP file you just thank you for your answer .

Thank you.

EE will help you to populate all of these fields. You may refer to the EFDC_Explorer User’s Manual on how to use EE for this purpose.

As you stated, MVEGOW is the vegetation class.

NVEGSER is the number of vegetation series.

UVEGSCL: is not used at this time

LPVEG, BETVEG, GAMVEG, SCVEG are drag coefficients