Questions about "U.S. EPA EFDC Version 1.01"

I am reading “The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code User Manual (US EPA Version 1.01)” to learn its source code. I have three questions:Q1: Where can I download source code in this version 1.01? In this EPA website, there is only a “.exe” file that can be downloaded. No source code is found there.Q2: What does a sentence in “Preface” mean? In the Preface of this manual, the authors said “The present code distribution and accompanying user manual serve to freeze the code distribution over next year in anticipation of a number of ongoing algorithm and computational enhancements.” (Fig.1) What does it mean? Does it mean that any codes after Version 1.01 are unavailable?Q3: In terms of soure codes in EFDC+, are they available if purchasing? In the “Pricing page” in EFDC+, it is said that EFDC+ Source Code is given if I buy the product “Individual” or more (Fig.2). Is this code complete, or just some interface codes with the key programs unavailable (e.g. in the form of DLL)?Expect your reply. Thanks!

Hi here is the response to your questions:1. EPA website has undergone a lot of changes in recent years so I wouldn’t be able to help on downloading the source code for EPA version. 2. I believe that means EPA is going to make enhancement to the code so they have freezed the distribution of the code. 3. EFDC+ single threaded source code is available to the users if they purchase the eemodeling package. Source code is not available for demo users. EEmodeling package comprises of EFDC Explorer, CVLGrid and multithreaded EFDC+ exucutable. The source code is the complete source code that allows users to run hydrodynamics, transport parameters such as temperature, salinity, dye, sediment transport, toxics, ice, water quality etc. So if you purchase, you would get a complete package. EFDC_Explorer is GUI that allows preprocessing and postprocessing for EFDC Explorer. Please let us know if you have further questions. Janesh