Questions about oil spill simulation

Dear EEMS team:

I have a question about oil spill simulation.

I ran an oil spill simulation using the LPT module, but the oil flows and disappears in the middle.
Why is this happening and what can I do to make it work?

Thank you

Dear hye0529
This may be related to setting the simulation end time of Oil, you can try by increasing the simulation time of Oil, as shown below-attached image.


Dear minhhoa0386

Thanks again for your kind reply.
But in my model, the oil simulation end time doesn’t seem to be a problem.
I tried to attach a picture of my oil simulation setup on this homepage, but it didn’t upload so I’m sending it via email instead.

Please confirm.
thank you.

It sounds like your oil is evaporating too quickly so there are a number of factors to consider. As described in the KB, you need to correctly set the density and the volume of oil per drifter. Temperature and wind also impact oil spill evaporation. Biodegradation and vapor pressure should be correctly specified. You can see more here:

Thanks to you two, I solved my problem.
The Vapor Pressure setting was the problem.
Thank you for always!