Questions about hot start

Hi, I’ve tried to learn how to hot start a model. I generated the restart.inp file in a previous model start from 0 to 2. Then I didn’t know how to set the start time for the next run. When I set it start from 2, and run the model. It asked me whether to rewrite the out file. So I want to ask that is there any law about setting the run time of a hot start model. Any answer will be appreciated. (^。^)

Thank you for your question. We have updated a guidance document on this topic for EE7 that we had previously and posted it on our website. It is titled “Creating a Restart in EE7” here: {REMOVED}

Great!Thanks,I’ll find and read the guidence later.

Hello All,
My question is How to restart a model by EE6.
The option of EE6 restart seem to have some problem.
When I use the option, and set new files of RESTART.inp, RSTWD.inp,TEMP.RST and rerun the model,
There is always a error of reading restart file like ’ NEGATIVE DEPTH RESTART,L,I,J,HP,H1P=617 47 27 -0.0351 -0.0351 ’

Thank you for your reply.

It is likely that your restart file wrote a negative depth – you will need to fix your base model so that it creates a valid restart file.

If you use the “Initialize” button, (EE7.0 Timing > EFDC Restart Option) you can display the values of the IC for a set of restart files by browsing to them. This tool effectively replaces the cold start with the hot start values from restart files themselves.

Hi, I started a hot start run but a warning message appeared “Zero Depth Restart (Warn)”. The model still runs, but I do not understand this warning message because I checked my water depth values and I didn’t see any with 0 values. Thanks!

Hi christina.x.eddleman

Please try checking the grid depth displayed in your run window at the time the restart file is saved,
for example, cells have L=49100; 49293… see if they are dry cells. I guess they have a depth value smaller than the depth is set in the configuration of wetting in the model. The window shown here can be read from the restart file, so you don’t need to worry. The calculation process will not be affected.