Questions about boundary conditions

Hello professor,

I have a question about the boundary condition: For example, I have 4 boundarys: A(Inflow)/B(Inflow)/C(Inflow)/D(Outflow), and I have time series of temperature and water quality of these 4 boundaries. When I edit boundary conditions, I should add time series of T and WQ of all these 4 stations? or I should only add time series of T and WQ of the inflow stations(A/B/C), and leave the data of station D and other stations (I have many other stations except for these 4) for calibration?

Thank you very much!

Hello Ravina,

If you have 4 boundaries, then you need to provide all the parameters such as flow, temperature and water quality at all the boundaries. Boundary stations and calibration stations are different. So, in order to represent all the forcing in the model, you need to provide all the time series of flow, WQ.

Calibration stations can be the stations within the model domain. Water surface elevation at boundary can however be used as calibration for WSE or other parameters depending on the type of boundary you use. For example if you have flow boundary on the downstream, then you can use water surface elevation as a calibration parameter.

I hope it solves your dilemma !

Janesh Devkota