Question : windwave model jenerated

i have a question.
if i generated windwave model, definition for wave parameter. For example,
WVDISP = 0.01*DISPTMP(Energy dissipation due to breaking wave)
DISPTMP was calculated swan or used windwave model(iswave. eq .4).
So then, what is mean WVDISV parameter?
Defination of EFDC model, WVDISV is as follows :
WVDISV - Fraction Of Wave Dissipation As Source In Vertical TKE Closure

How would you like calculated this parameter?
plz, answer me.

Radiation shear stress is not calculated as such, it is based on your conceptual model and the total kinetic energy. It is a ratio from 0 to 1 and based on your a priori knowledge of the system. If you have information on wave data it may be used as a calibration knob.