Question? Problems with Harmonic Analysis

Question? Problems with Harmony AnalysisI am a user using "EFDC 8.2 ".I have a question about the problem for the harmony analysis function of “EFDC 8.2(EFDCPlus_082_OMP_170303.exe, EFDCPlus_082_OMP_DP_170303.exe)”.I set the variables in card 82 of “efdc.inp” as below and simulated for 32 days.-----------------------------------------------------------------------C82 ISLSHA MLLSHA NTCLSHA ISLSTR ISHTA1 2 30 0 0C83 ILLSHA JLLSHA LSHAP LSHAB LSHAUE LSHAU CLSL161 100 1 0 1 1 'T-1’100 127 1 0 1 1 ‘PC-1’-----------------------------------------------------------------------However, there is a problem in harmony analysis and an error message is output as shown in the attached file.How can I solve this? Attached files (36.4 KB)

When do you get this error message ? Is it at the very beginning or after 32 days ? Can you send / upload your model to review ? It would be helpful to look at the model and give you right directions.