Question in Building a 2D Lake Model Tutorial (EE12)

Hi, I am quite confused about this graph.
I used the ‘DM-14_Lake_T_HYD-WQ_Model_Example’ data from EEMS website.
As I following the step-by-step guidance, I encountered this graph but I can’t get the same graph as this.

How can I get the same result?
I need your help.

My inflow data is this.


Did you use the flow time series from DM-14 on the EEMS website? I see your time series table with five layers is not like mine when I use this model with five layers. I assume that you use your own time series data and plot them with separate layers. Can you show the legend in your time series plot as my one, as shown in the image below?

It would be good if you could show some steps that lead to your plot by using Loom ( and post the video here.