Question about the mass balance in EFDC

Dear EEMS team:
The initial TP mass is 43.17 ton and the final TP mass is 76.36 ton. Besides, I have closed the simulation of algae, settling of POM, the atmospheric deposition and the benthic flux. The boundary of TP only includes the inflow and outflow and the net balance between them is 55.73 ton.

43.17+55.73-76.36=22.5399 ton.

I am very curious about the whereabouts of the 22.5399 ton TP.
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

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Except for the sources and sinks of TP in the interface of EFDC software, such as benthic flux, inflow and outflow flux, settling flux, algae absorption flux and atmospheric flux, is there any other paths for the decreasing and increasing of the TP.
Thanks for any suggestions!

This kind of calculation is quite challenging to determine outside of EFDC. There is a lot of variability in the model configurations and input data. You would need to look carefully at the mass balance, kinetics, and fluxes throughout the system. Due to the kinetics, the RPOP can appear to get lost in the system, for example, becoming organic phosphorus. There is so much going on in these calculations that it is very difficult to determine externally.

Thank you so much for your reply. I also want to know if there is any other paths that can cause the TP to be removed from the water body, except for settling, algae intake and out flow.