Question about how to setup weir with withdrawal return module

Dear EEMS team:

I have a question about how to apply the withdrawal return module.

I want to use the withdrawal return module in the process of setting up the river’s movable weir.
The location was set before and after the weir, and the daily discharge data of the movable weir was entered by setting it to ‘Controlled using Time Series’.
By the way, I wanted to set it to withdraw water from the upstream of the weir and return it from the downstream, but this function doesn’t seem to work as desired.
I have a question about how to properly apply this feature.

thank you

Dear hye0529
Please follow the steps given below

If you still have a problem setting up the W-R boundary then take a screenshot or send the model to me at I will check it more carefully



Dear minhhoa0386

Thank you for your answer.
I sent a screenshot to the email you provided.
Please check and wait for a reply.
Thank you.