Problems of Salinity simulation

I tried to simulate the salinity of the estuary using the 10.3 version.Several problems occurred as follows.1. When the sigma-z uniform was applied, it did not converge. (attachments)2. The input window for the control rule of W/R (or hydraulic structures) was not activated.3. The Edit cell properties window did not appear in some cells.4. When I clicked the 2DH icon, sometimes EFDC was forced to shut down.5. Background photo is not applied on 2DH.==> I could not perform the numerical analysis of salinity & water quality using sigma-z uniform + hydraulic structures(control rule).Please review these issues. Have a Good Day~ ^^

Hi Seok Jeong, are you able to send us your model so we can check it? We haven’t seen most of those issues before. Issue #1 was fixed in an earlier release and we will recheck it. You can send the model to us at and a link to Dropbox.

For item #5 you please ensure you have your UTM zone correctly set:

I sent the files by e-mail.

Please check the problems.

Thank you.

All my problems were solved by the EEMS Team. ^^
Thank you very much.

I am very happy to hear that, Seok-il. Please let us know if you have any other issues.