Problem with organic carbon input for the toxics module


I am using the latest versions of EEMS EFDC v10.3.3 and v10.3.4. I am trying to input the DOC and POC in the Toxics module settings:

  1. When I try to assign a spatially varying file for the water column DOC, the window remains open, but the file does not load (the pointer has the “process” circle on it to indicate it is loading).
  2. When I try to assign the spatially varying fPOC for the water column, the entire EEMS EFDC program closes down.

Appreciate any help on this.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Adithya, thank you for alerting us to that issue. We have corrected the first issue and posted it to our site. That is EEMS10.3.5. For the second issue we were not able to reproduce it. Please let us know if it is still a problem in the new version.


Thank you for looking into the issue. The WC DOC is getting loaded properly, and so are the sediment organic carbon components. However, the WC POC is still not loading as expected in version 10.3.5. When I check both the 2DH view and the txt (pocw) file after loading and saving, the WC POC at each cell has a value of 0. I am using the spatially varying fPOC option. Thank you for your help.


Hi Adithya, we are not sure that this is a bug. The toxics bed will only be displayed in 2DH when the sediment bed thickness > 0. So, in this case, maybe you have not yet set the sediment bed? If you think there is still an issue please send the model or a Loom video of the problem to us at and we will look further at it.