Problem with model runtime

I want to run a EFDC model from January 1st to December 31st, 2011.
I set
Duration of reference period 24 hrs (1 day)
Start Time: 0.05 d
End Time: 365 d
# of Reference Period: 365

But each time the run is getting stopped at September 17th, 2011 completing 258 loops.
Do you have any idea why it is not running for full length of run time?


Hi Rumana,

Does your model run stop at September 17th, 2011 with error message ? Do you have boundary conditions for the whole year ? Probable cause is either you haven’t defined boundary conditons for the whole year or you have error after that time. Another thing, if you make some changes in EFDC explorer make sure you save the model first and then run the model. It might be that your model was not saved to run for a year.



Hello John,
The model didn’t show any error message and I had boundary condition defined for whole year.
However what I found is if I put # Ramp-Up Loops to 300 (it was 200 before), the model runs for 365 days.

Thanks once again for replying to my problem.