Problem w/ solar radiation for algae

Hello, I’m needing some help w/ my eutrophication model. I’m using ASER.INP to specify light for algal growth, but it seems not to be working. The hourly SWSR values in the ASER file work well for temperature, but I get zeros at every time and place for the light factor for algal growth when I run the water quality model. I’ve tried changing the PAR factor, and have tried changing it in the input file, but I always get zeros for the apparent light intensity. I’ve also tried calculating daily averages or the hourly values themselves, but get the same result. I’ve even tried using an ASER.INP from another system w/ a shorter time increment. Same result. Constant SWSR seems to work, but I need to use my ASER data to correctly simulate the system. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim Bowen

Never mind, I figured it out. Turns out I was outputting the water quality information only once per day, at midnight, so the model was correctly telling me the phytoplankton were light limited at those times. I believe everything is working fine.JB