Problem:toxics concentration in sediments

The version I use is EE7.1.
I have made a estuarine model. In the model ,the initial condition of toxic concentration in the water column is 0.I also don’t edit toxics’ time series .But the modeling result of toxics in the water is not 0. I know it must due to the sediment model. I want to know how can I set the sediment model to control the toxics concentration and the relation between parameters and toxics concentration. Thanks! Attached files


You can partially control the concentration of toxics using the partition coefficients as attached in your post. If you look at the “Loss Terms and Diffusion” tab on the same form “Toxics and Sediment Bed Toxic Properties”, there you could change the diffusion parameters that would impact the movement of the toxics concentration from pore water towards the water columns. So, try adjusting the diffusion parameters to control the toxics concentration in your model.

I hope it helps.