Problem loading model prepared with EE7.3 Ver 151022

Hi, I am trying to load a model prepared with the EE 7.3 Ver 151022 and I receive the “run-time error ‘9’: Subscript out of range” error (attached screen capture). I am currently using EE8.1 Ver 160923. EFDCLOG.OUT says: “READ ERROR IN INPUT FILE: EFDC.INP” last line of EFDC.OUT reads: “C23 NQSIJ NQJPIJ NQSER NQCTL NQCTLT NQWR NQWRSR ISDIQ” My EFDC.inp file has the following values for C23: C23 NQSIJ NQJPIJ NQSER NQCTL NQCTLT NQWR NQWRSR ISDIQ 279 0 122 46 10 0 0 0 I’d appreciate if you could help with this problem. Best regards, Onur Attached files

Hi Onur, sorry to hear about this issue. Can you please send the zipped up model input files to for us to determine the issue?