Problem in Total Phosphorus calculation in EE8.4

Dear EFDC Team
I want to calibrate my water quality in EFDC(EE8.4) but the results looks strange.
The Tot P in EE plot fell down very fast as the algae grew up and the PO4 depleted in summer. The Total P should elevated with the algae in my expection.
I look up the calculation method of Tot P in user guide,exported the data of alage biomass/ROP/LOP/DOP/P4D and calulated it in MS Excel. It seems that the TP given by EE didnot include the P in algae?.
My APC is 0.05
An example in august
Total Alage、Alage-P DOP LOP ROP TPO4 Cal.TP TP in EE
2016-8-19 15:00 4.94E-1 2.47E-2 5.19E-3 1.59E-3 7.84E-3 7.33E-4 4.01E-2 2.07E-2
The difference is 0.0194 mg/L, 48% of the calculated TP.
Please help me with this problem.
Thank you for your answer

Hi yuewu
Could you please upload your model? I can check it sometime.
Thank you.

Hi Yuewu, it is hard to know the cause of this issue without looking at your model. If you send the input files to us at we will try to check it when we have an opportunity.