Post process - Getefdc

Hello. I’m EE7 user. I downloaded the util ‘GetEFDC_Matlab(2012-03-20)_EE7’ to get time series results. But it’s not working. The error message is: ??? Input argument “inpfile” is undefined. Error in ==> getefdc0 at 86 [workpath,extrapath,sta,datfile,datfile_y,par,mdate,cells,runid] = … The m file with getefdc0.inp in the folder which has inp files and #output folder was used as shown in picture. Please show me the detail procedure to use this util. Thank you. Eunju Cho.

The latest version of GetEFDC for Matlab should also work for older versions of EFDC output including EE6 and EE7. You can download it here: