PO4 Sorption to cohesive sediments

Hello, I am interested in how the PO4 sorption to cohesive sediments works. I understand that it shows up in the settling term in the equation for PO4, but in some testing I am seeing most of the PO4 in the dissolved phase for a case of high partition coefficient, low settling velocity, and substantial cohesive sediment in the water column. Should I expect to see an impact on the fraction of PO4 in the dissolved phase when altering the sorption coefficient when the settling velocity is low?

Hi Jacob, we have done some checking of the code in relation to your question. We can say that the sediment partitioning only changes the particulate portioning and does not remove the total phosphorus. Currently, all versions of EFDC only redistribute the partition between particulate and dissolved. We agree it could be useful for it to be removed through deposition but it is not about option in EFDC at this stage.