Parameters in water quality module

Dear EFDC team and users: When the parameters of carbon module, nitrogen module and phosphorus module were adjusted, the simulation results changed little,why did this happens? What should I do with this problem?

The most simplistic explanation (if you’ve done a sensitivity analysis with your model, which it sounds like you have) is that the problem is related to your boundary conditions rather than the model parameters. I recommend taking a critical look at your boundary conditions. Have you adequately described all the sources and sinks of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous in your system? If you believe you have done that, then perhaps there may be some other aspect of the problem which was not clear to you when you developed your conceptual model of the system.Sorry I cannot provide more specific guidance with the information you provided.

Thank you for your advice.In fact,there are problems with the setup of some details of the model.I will tr to adjust some boundary conditions.