Overestimated water elevation

Dear EFDC users,Good day! I ran an estuary-coastal model and found that too much-overestimated water elevation at the center cell. Most cells showed overestimated water elevation except for the cells with boundary condition. Please find the attached figure named error.JPG. Can anyone assume the reason for this overestimation and know the solution? I attached the figure of boundary condition and my model for your information. Thank you. Sincerely,Minjeong

I can not attach the model though it’s only 413MB. How can I share the model?

I think this is probably you are extracting the water depth instead of total head.

Dear Mizu, I tried extracting total head, but it still showed the same problem. Minjeong

Are you trying to attach model output? If you only attach the input files or reduced version of the model that shows similar behavior we can try to look at it.