Output of ACSII file

Hello, EE engineer ! Our company purchased the EFDC software, I have a question about the efdc.inp file, please help me answer it ,I want to output ASCII file. I modified the ISDUMP field of C70 of efdc.inp, but now there is no output result of ACSII file because of the change of license. The previous version modified the ISDUMP of C70 of efdc.inp to output ACSII file.I want to know why, please help me answer it, or tell me how to output the ASCII file. Do I need to provide my license.Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks.

The option for output in ASCII format from EFDC+ has not been supported in the DSI version for many years. If users need this we recommend they convert the binary format to ASCII using GetEFDC. The most recent version of this tool is available here:Downloads – EE Modeling System