Output data of LPT

Hello.I want to know how many drifter exist in the model.
How could I get this time series from EEMS?
Thank you.

We have some guidance on this here:
Let me know if it doesn’t answer your questions.


Are the created results using this method based on the particle number order? For example, is the first line of the text file in all the time steps related to the same particle (e.g. particle number 1)?
If not can you guide me on how to understand the particle related to each line?

Thank you

Sorry for not responding sooner. If you are referring to Fig 9 in the link above, for the ASCII output of the drifters, then we don’t record the order of the drifters. These are just the locations of all the drifters at each snapshot.

I have a problem with exporting the particles, it seems that oftentimes it doesn’t work correctly. I have run my model several times and tested it.
The problem is that in some snapshots it doesn’t export the location of all my particles.
by the way, I am using EFDC+ 11.2.0 and the number of particles is 63000.
What solution do you suggest?

If this issue persists with 11.4, can you please send us the model to check, as well as an explanation of the steps you are taking to get this issue? You can send us at support@eemodelingsystem.com