Open boundary Problem

I have two south open boundary groups, say A (50 cells) and B (70 cells), with the same water level but different temperature and salinity time series. After I save and run the model, everything is fine. But the moment I close the model and reopen it, all the cells will be shown in 1 boundary group, say A (119 cells), and the other group only has 1 cell, B (1 cell).
I remade the boundaries from scratch several times, but it keeps doing that. Also, I am using the latest version.

I really appreciate your response and help.

Hi mehrzadshahidzade98,
Thank you for your concern!
This is a strange behavior of EE. It’s quite hard for us to clearly understand your issue. Can you please describe more about the boundary groups you generated (maybe a screen record your steps), or just give us your model, and we will check what happened with you.