Open boundary condition

Hi, everyone When I set the open boundary, the last grid (red,I=5,J=3) can not be set as in the east.(the first figure). If I set the grid as in the east, a warning window is pop-up shown as the second figure when I save the model. And then a warning window is pop-up shown as the third figure when I run the model. This is the first problem. If I did not set the grid as open boundary, the model can run normally but the simulated velocity is samller (about 0.5m/s) than the measurements. I suspect the unreasonable boundary condition talked above results in the unsatisfactory velocity simulation. If not, which parameters could I adjust to make the simulated velocity increased? How to deal with these problems? Thanks all very much.

Hi Peter, I think there was something wrong with your open boundary setting for the red cell. The warning message indicated that cell is west open boundary while the rest cells were South BC. Basically, you just need to right-mouse-click to that cell and choose “Add to Adjacent” option as shown in this Photo. Hope this helps. // Tinh