On the open source of multi-thread version

I’m wondering if it is possible to obtain the source code of multi-thread version were I a paid user.
As we always need to modify the code for specific use.If the modification is based upon the multi-thread code, we can still benefit from increasing speed brought by OMP.

Hello Lixinwen000, EFDC is an open source software and EFDC_DSI is significantly different from the original EFDC and there have been several modifications in the code. We provide source code to our users who purchase the EE modeling system. We only provide the single threaded version of the source code. We don’t provide the source code of the multi-threaded version. However, there is an option to buy the multi-threaded EE modeling system. If you have any other specific questions about EFDC source code / price please email to support@eemodelingsystem.com Thanks. Janesh