Numerical solution flowchart

Dear EFDC Team,
Can I have numerical solution flowchart?
I can’t find the flow chart of numerical solution in the hydraulic and mass transport and sediment and contaminant transport and fate. I am confuse about the sequence of numerical solution. It maybe clear if I get tthe flowchart.
Thanks you very much for your help.

Hello DYAH, I don’t have the flowchart at this point. However, I can show you the figure which shows how different submodules of EFDC are linked together. To find out the sequence I suggest you run one example in the debug mode. That way you can figure out what’s going on in the code. You can also verify some of the results and see what equations are implemented.

Thank you for your answer.
How to run in debug mode ?

Hello Dyah,

I was suggesting to recompile the code and run the code using debug mode. While running any project from Visual studio, you would have option to run in release mode or debug mode. So, choose debug mode and create some breakpoints and then try to run the code through each line. All the debug options can be found under debug tab on visual studio. I hope this helps to understand better about the code and the sequence of numerical solution.

Janesh Devkota