Non-Cohesives Files

I have realized that if you save the EE project with non-cohesive series correctly imported, original non-cohesive series data are disordered.
You can test it simply saving the Tra Khuc SedTrans Example (EE7), just after saving snser structure changes and even series data (see attached file)

Sorry, I am not able to show pictures.

Thank You

Hi Cinta, if this is a bug we will look to fix it immediately. Please send us the screen captures of the problem to and let us know which version of EE you are using.

I have realized using the last EE version: EFDC_Explorer7.1 Full Setup(Ver140627)
I dont know if it was the same with the previous one: EFDC_Explorer7.1 Full Setup(Ver140109)

We have updated the Tra Khuc sediment transport example and made some updates to EE and EFDC to version 140909. Please download the latest and let us know if you still have any issues.