No Velocity Output

Recently, i upgraded to EFDC_Explorer 7.1 and ran one of my models. I loaded results after run was finished. Water levels was predicted correctly by EFDC, but for velocity output it just reported zeros everywhere (which doesn’t even make sense, since water levels were estimated right). I re-loaded results couple of times, but it didn’t help.
I re-run the same model and the same thing happened again. Please, let me know how to solve this issue.
Thank you!
Maria K.

Hi Maria, Are you sure you saved the model from EE7.1 before you ran it? If you are then please send the input files of the model to for us to check if it is a bug. Sincerely, EFDC_Explorer Support Team

Hi Maria, we looked at your model and the issue seems to be that you have set your Linkage Output Frequency (Timing/Linkage > EFDC_Explorer Linkage) to 720 minutes. This is the same as your boundary condition forcing which is 0.5 x 12 hours = 6 hours. There should not be any connection between these numbers. The linkage should be much less than the model run time to provide regular output for EE. We recommend decrease the Output Frequency (to 60 mins for example).

It worked! Thank you!