Need help for solving 'nc_create: Permission denied' problem

It’s a really a tough process when I try to successfully run the model for 1-year simulation. Models I created primarily for reservoirs polluting simulation, which generally contains 2500 to 4000 cells, and grids are separated in 5 vertical layers. It does cost hundreds of hours to do one-year simulation in my device (4core) if the initial time-step is adopted. Thereby, when I trying to extend the time-step for shorting the time cost, models was stopped after a duration of running, more or less. And error reported is ‘floating invalid’. Luckily, I found the solution to this issue which is to ‘reduce the time-step’ from this forum. However, the running is stopped again with reported issue ‘nc_create: permission denied’ when they do separately finish 250/365 and 294/365 days running. I guess the reason could be writing clashed when multiple threads input writing into one-day nc file (I selected multiple daily files). But I am not sure either don’t know how to solve this problem. In addition, an error named ‘xb_put: NetCDF: HDF error’ also frequently appears during previous models runnings. I haven’t found an answer or work out this problem yet. There might be some connection between these two errors, I guess. Does anyone can help me to figure out these problems? It means a lot to me, I will be very appreciated for your suggestions!

It might be a bug with NC. However, I recommend you to using the dynamic time step as shown in the captured snapshot. It might solve your problem and speed up your model as well.

Thanks for the reply. I did use the dynamic time step at initial, while I turned it off for safety consideration. The poor thing is I have to ensure the model can successfully running 365 days with NC output, but it still bugged when I applied initial time-step, close dynamic setting, and waiting 2 days…