Near field model

Dear EFDC Team,
so far I was simulating the effects of thernal discharge into rivers by using the EFDC-model.
Now I’m interested in the near-field effects and would like to include the jet module.
Is there any manual/help/example available how to implement JETLAG?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards

Hello Sebastian,

Yes, it is possible to simulate the impacts of jet plume model into EFDC model. In version EE7.1 jet plume model can only be set from the input file (efdc.inp) and you can provide appropriate parameters on card C27 to C31. I don’t think we have any particular example available for Jet plume module but we plan to post a short document / example in the future.

Please take a look on efdc.inp. It is not very difficult to set up the model. You just need to find the appropriate parameters.


Janesh Devkota

Hey Janesh,
thanks for your answer.
I already had a look in the efdc.inp before and was trying to find some appropriate parameters :wink:
Still I was wondering if I need an additional timeseries input file? But it works with constant flows aswell…
I’ll give it another try.
Thanks and all the best.

We did have a jet plume example on the website but for some reason it had been removed. It is now back as item 1.0 here: (Note you need to login to access these downloads).