NaNs have been computed

What does this error message mean and how do I correct the problem? “NaNs have been computed”

“Not A Number”. This is most likely due to incorrect boundary/initial conditions. You should double check the time series.

You should run the model in debug version of the EFDC_DSI executable, which is downloadable from this site. If you still can’t find the issue you could send us the input files and we will look at this issue if we have a chance -

Hi EEMS Team! Could you tell me where is “this site” which can download " debug version of the EFDC_DSI executable" as well as its source code? By the way, since the source code is too long (more than 150 thousand lines), is there more learning materials except for comments in its original code?

Hi, This site means and you can find the debug version. Follow this link Patches and Updates – EE Modeling System and download “EFDCPlusExecutable 32-bit (Intel-Debug Version)”. You need to be logged in to download the file. EEMS customer can request for the source code for free. There is not a document specifically for the code. There are comments in each section of the code and explain what each chunk does. Sometimes we go through the code in the training that we conduct in Edmonds, WA. In fact, we are having a training session from March 24 to March 27 in Edmonds, WA. More details on training can be found on This training is focused on “Advanced sediment transport”. Janesh