Multiple weir/spillway structures

I am using EFDC to model the clear Fork Trinity River in Texas and trying to apply multiple spillway weirs. The system has multiple low water check dams as flow proceeds downstream. Each consecutive spillway has a different elevation. In EFDC explorer I have successfully set up the head/discharge data series table (HQ1) for a single spillway. I am runing into a problem when I try to generate a unique head/discharge table (HQ2) to correspond to a different spillway. In the hydraulic structure editing interface, as soon as I create the new table (HQ2) using Add/Edit under Hydraulic Structure Table Settings, the Elev vs Q tables available are either None or just the newest table (HQ2). The first table is always overwritten by the second table. Is there a way to generate and assign multilpe Elev vs Q tables?
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Hi Matt. Currently the answer is no. If the hydraulic structures are assigned to the same cell it is not possible to set a time variable stage discharge relationship. However, this is a feature we are looking at to develop and may do so for release of EE7.2

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Thanks for your reply. I have succeeded in adding multiple weir structures to separate cells, by leveraging the Number of Series and Current Series options in the BC Editor. To clarify, the limitation that you mention is only for situations applying multiple structures in the same cell, is that right? Is what I describe above the proper EE riverine approach for in-line structures in separate cells?

You are correct, the limitation we mentioned is only for applying multiple structures in the same cell. Your approach for in-line structures in separate cells is the correct one.