Multiple sediment classes at flow boundary?

When simulating sediment transport, is it possible to specify more than 1 non-cohesive or cohesive sediment time series at a flow boundary? In my lake model, I have more than 1 cohesive and non-cohesive sediment classes. In the boundary concentration file, it seems however that I can only have a time series for one cohesive and one non-cohesive at a given flow boundary. Is this correct? Also, is there a way to specify sediment loads by mass rather than concentration, as you can do for water quality?

Yes, it is possible to set any number of sediment classes in a time series for a given boundary. The Tra Khuc example on our knowledge base shows how this can be done:±+Tra+Khuc+Estuary In figure 21 you can see that four groups of non-cohesive sediments have been defined (see figure 6 on how to set the number of groups). For this Series_01, the concentrations need to be assigned by the user for each individual group. This example model is also downloadable from this website. No, it is not possible to use mass loading instead of concentration for sediment time series, and it is not recommended to use this option for water quality. Using concentrations and flows is the safer and recommended option. Though EE does support legacy models that use mass loading for WQ we have not used that option for a long time and don’t advise that it be used.