Model won't run

I recently purchased EE 7.1 and I’m now trying to run a few test cases available on the Dynamics website. I have downloaded the latest executable file for the EFDC_DSI_Model. When attempting to run the model, the run-time window immediately closes down. I was able to use print screen to see that the model seems to stop as soon as the executable file is read. When running the executable file in a DOS environment I’m told that HYDROLINK.DLL is missing from my computer so the file can’t run.
Any help with fixing this problem is appreciated.


May be the model set up have problems, i think the problem is that you make the EFDC model linked the other model . eg WASP, you can check the model set up.

I do not have any linkage to a water quality model set up so the problem must be something else…

Hi Michael,

Did you do a full install of EFDC_Explorer7.1 or just downloaded the EFDC_DSI exe? EFDC_DSI requires certain DLLs which are installed by default in the EFDC_Explorer7.1 program folder. You may run EFDC_DSI from DOS but the BAT file should call the EFDC_DSI exe which is in a folder that contains all the DLLs required to run it. It sounds like you are running it in a folder that doesn’t have the hydrolink.dll.

Thanks for the feedback. I had done the full install of EFDC_Explorer 7.1 but I had put my executable file in another directory on my hard drive where I keep other executables. I thought that it would still work by referencing to the folder with the executable, but that obviously did not work. By putting the executable in the EE 7.1 folder everything runs just fine now. I like simple fixes.