Model Time 482 hours


I am running a 3D water quality model using EFDC+, its been running for 3 hours and it states that there is 482 hours remaining. Is there a way to speed up this process?


This is how I set up the Timing/Linkage

And there are 6432 cells horizontally with 64 vertical layers.
does anyone know why this program is taking so long? Or does it usually take this long to run?

Thank you for any help.

Hi Jean,
As discussed with you via email,
The maximum depth in your model is only about 12m while you set 64 layers for this model, I think is too much, this will greatly affect the calculation speed of the model. Also you active modules simulate some water quality components but do not set initial conditions for them, I have reset model with 24 layers and run it on my machine, OMP and KMP I set up as recommended to you on email, estimated time to complete is only about 26 hours,