Lagragian Particle Tracking

It is not clear how the effect of wind-induced drift was modeled by EFDC
Lagragian Particle Tracking approach. More specifically, did the draft
factor (3 percent rule) was used?
Thank you very much!

We refer you to the white paper: “Implementation of a Lagrangian Particle Tracking Sub-Model for the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code” titled EFDC_DSI_Lagrangian_Particle_Tracking(2009_08_27).pdf in the documentation folder in the EE installation folder (also available to download from this website). From equations 2-4 in this paper we see that wind does not directly affect the drift of a particle, but the wind affects the flow velocity and this mainly decides the movement of the particle. It means that EFDC LPT does not use any factors for wind effect on the drift of particle.