Jet plume angles

I want to use the function of Jet/Plume and I have been testing it using the JetPlume_Example_(EE8.0). I think the angles(vertical & horizontal) of diffuser doesn’t work. Please check what’s going on.

In EFDC model, there two variables PHJET i.e., vertical jet angles positive from horizontal and THJET i.e., horizontal jet angle positive counter clockwise from east. These angles are used to distribute the flow on that cell where jet / plume boundary is specified. If you want your jet to behave such that you need to have flow in different cells, you would have to specify the jet boundaries to multiple cells. The flow in EFDC occurs only through the cell faces so users cannot see the flow moving to different cells at an angle. The angles PHJET and THJET are used to compute the jet centerline velocity. You can see the usage of these angles in jpefdc.f90 file. These angles would not have significant effect in overall jet plume behavior in some cases, however, they are used in the code to compute velocities. The direction only impacts vertical distribution of source loading i.e., internal trajectory of plume within the cell. The directional component doesn’t have impact across cell boundaries. So, you might need to split across two cells in some cases if you want your jet to spread into multiple cells. The movement of jet plume in EFDC is controlled by density, entrainment and momentum.