Is there a way to set up inflow angle?

Dear All,
I am trying to find a way to set an angle for inflow, e.g., given one cell, I want to set the inflow direction to north west. But I searched the manual of EE and EFDC, and cannot find a way. Is there a way to specify this in EFDC?

Hello Hailiang,

I haven’t seen such feature in EFDC Explorer i.e to specify the angle of inflow. However, you can create the grid such that it is oriented in the specific direction as you want. Then you can define your inflow boundary. I think this should solve your problem.



Hi Hailiang,

No, you cannot simply set the inflow direction to NW, instead you will need to add multiple cells to achieve this as momentum is not conserved at the face where flow comes in. To achieve the result you want you need to add cells at the boundary to direct flow into system in direction required.