Is there a bug(Import grid tool)?

Firstly, I thanks a lot for giving me the trial SN!
Secondly,I fond there is a bug when I used “Generate EFDC Model”. I choose “Import Grid”,“Delft RGFGRID”.And then,I couldn’t do anything when I try to browse the efdc.inp file.
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Could you please tell us which version which you are using ? It can be found by clicking on “About” from the dropdown menu next to the “DSI” logo on the main EFDC form.

I tried to generate new grid using “Delft RGFGrid” option, it seems when you load the grid file or efdc.inp file sometimes the option of top left changes from “Import Grid” to “Curvilinear (EE)”. So, please make sure you are always on “Import Grid” option and choose “Delft RGFgrid” then the grid should be generated. It might be possible that your *.grd file might be corrupted.

If you can provide the grid file then we could check if we would try to reproduce the problem you are having.

I hope it helps.

Janesh Devkota

I met the problem you have said. But that is a lettle problem. The EE version is 7.2(Trial version)
I can’t click anything after I browsed the grid file. The EFDC-EXPOLORER’s UI looked like unresponsive.
That was happened before I press the “Generate” button!

I can successfully import the grd file in EE7.0(web version). So I don’t think there’s something wrong with the grid file.

I can’t upload the grid file as attachment,Why? file size limited?

We are looking at this RGF Grid import issue and will have an updated version of EE7.2 for this in the next week or so which will correct it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This bug has been fixed in the latest release of EFDC_Explorer7.2.exe version 150213 downloadable from here: