Is "wind series" useless if Waves Module is not used?

I have input wind series in EE. If I just open “Hydrodynamics” Module, will EE take wind series into account? Or it will ignore “the wind”? That is, if I don’t open “Waves” module, the wind series is useless? I want to simualte wind-induced current.

Motion is transferred between the air and water through the flux momentum, which is considered to be in dynamic equilibrium at the water surface. This process can be considered independent of wave motion, or you can take into account wave-induced motion via Stokes’ drift and similar processes.So if you have a wind series in your model, this can be used to compute the momentum flux due to the wind alone. If you activate waves, then you can simulate the wave field based on the wind series you provided and also considered processes like Stokes’ drift. So no, the wind series is not useless without the waves module activated and is commonly used without it.

I look up the “THEORETICAL & COMPUTATIONAL ASPECTS OF EFDC+”, finding that §2.2.3, §2.2.4, §2.2.5 are related to wind (Fig-a & b). I think that §2.2.3 is to open the Hydrodynamics Module alone, and §2.2.4 & §2.2.5 are to open the Wave Module. Am I right? Thanks!